Monday, July 5, 2010

Beyond E>I

E>I.  That is the easy part (see previous post).  The hard part comes after.  Isn't that the way it always is?? Knowing is the easy part.

I knew I was expending energy.  I was a runner.  I also knew that, like I said in a previous post, running only burns so many calories.  Weight loss is far more effective, exercise must be combined with reduced calories.  

I needed to reduce calories.  One big problem.  In order to reduce, you have to know where you start. I started by downloading an app for my Blackberry phone.  I was able to log everything that I ate.  SURPRISE!!  One of the first days that I tracked, I ate pizza.  Now, on my former diet, I didn't eat just one or two pieces.  I ate 5....thick crust..... 4 meat.  Don't remember, but I think the one meal was 1200 or 1300 calories.  That shocked me into reality.  I HAD to get my calories under control  

When I started tracking my calories, it wasn't really that hard.  Counting calories  is like a budget.  If you know that you have 2000 calories to spend for the day, you budget accordingly. If you know you're going out for dinner, have a light breakfast and light lunch.  Log everything you eat. When you reach 2000 calories, you're done.  

The hard part is still eating 3-4 meals a day.  Don't load up on 2 meals and think that because you are below your budget, you are ok.  You have to eat 3-4 meals a day.  When you don't eat continuously through the day your body gets confused.  Its primal instincts kick in.  It remembers when our ancestors lacked things to eat.  It tries to hold on to what it gets and slows down the metabolism.

So, eating is essential.  It seems counter intuitive that eating less calories could cause weight gain, but it does happen.

Starting in the next post, I'll begin with MY journey and how it has affected my life, and my family.

Eat Smart,

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