Wednesday, July 28, 2010

If yo u build it, they will come.

My wife has a problem. She is not alone, mind you.  It is a very serious problem that comes every time she walks into a shoe store.  She wants, no, NEEDS a new pair of shoes.  I COULD ask her what type, but therein lies the problem.  She really has NO IDEA!!!!  I don't understand this.  When I go shopping, I know exactly what I want, I am just looking for the best price.  But really, she has NO idea what type of shoes she wants.  She will look for a while, and we will exit the store, shoes in one hand, help wanted ads in the other since I NEED another job to afford her shoe habit. 

The line is always the same.  "I will know them when I see them."

Have you ever been there?  Knowing you want or need something, but don't quite know what it is you want? 

When it comes to weight loss, I think many people are this way.  They know they want weight loss, they just don't know which tool will get them there.  South Beach, Blood Type, Atkins, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig,  and then there is always the infomercial guy talking about cortisol.  So many choices, which one is right???

When my wife expressed to me her desire to join with me in this journey, she was very much this way.  She knew she wanted what I had, but didn't know how to get there.  My answer when people ask me is simple.  You simply eat less than you burn.  The kicker is that most people have NO idea how much they eat.  There is only ONE way. Count the calories. 

I told my wife that my weight loss started when I put the calorie tracker on my phone.  "You want it on yours?"  I asked. "No, That's ok"  Took her about a week, then I got a call at work.  "Honey, can I get that app on my phone?" 

People don't like to be forced.  Major changes are hard.  I know that my wife wanted me to eat this way for a long time, but I wasn't ready for the change.  I knew I had to give her time. When the time was right, she came around.

Since then, I am happy to report that she has tracked her eating, started exercising, and has dropped 8 dress sizes since January.

The journey is SO much more fun when taking it with your spouse.  She is now asking the right questions.  Going to the grocery store is almost like a date, and I am loving the changes that we are seeing in each others lives, and slowly, the lives of our kids. 

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