Sunday, January 9, 2011

It's the weekend.

Weekends are so hard for me.  I feel like I am less in control.   During the week, I pretty much eat by myself.  I work  a night job, so if I want to eat, I eat. If I don't, I don't.

During the weekend, I am with the  family.   We do the grocery shopping, and the wife will occasionally get treats.  I would rather not have them in the house because if  they are here, I will eat them.

Sunday mornings are hard as well.  I started out the day fairly well.  I had Cherios.  Was GOING to eat them dry, but decided on 1 cup of milk.  that was fine.....Then I went to church.   Sunday school class always has treats.  They have been getting better at having more fruit, etc, but it seems they always have donuts.  I promised myself  "NO DONUTS".  Then I got to the table. Well, ONE won't hurt. But, of course, had I looked up the calories FIRST, I would have decided I didn't need the 330 calories for that one chocolate covered donut. It wasn't THAT good.

The rest of the day was better.  Roast and veggies for lunch...light on the roast HEAVY on the veggies.  Dinner is always the same.  Eggs and Toast.  Good Stuff.

All in all, not TOO bad, but have to get a hold on the snacks on the weekend.

Did I mention the Cookie last night and Lemon cake today???

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